Run categories

If you’re reading this, we have a spot for you! Through our unique participant categories, you can find a race that you will feel comfortable in. Heat schedules will be sent out the week of the race.

  • Recreational: At your leisure, come check out the same course that pro level runners will be competing on. This category is not timed, so walking, jogging and running are all encouraged.
  • Kids: Kids will have a chance to show off their skills! A “kids dash” will be available for kids 5 and under, and a half-mile loop will be available for kids 13 and under.
  • Competitive: This category is recommended for those who run at a sub-12-minute mile pace. Upon registration, we will ask that you submit your anticipated time to put you in a heat that aligns with your speed!
  • Elite: This category is recommended for men who run at a sub-5-minute mile pace and women who run a sub-5:30 mile pace. A cash purse will be associated with this level.
  • Pro: This category represents some of the fastest mile runners in the sport. Male and female participants will need to be invited based off past performances and a cash purse will be awarded.

Finish line festival

While the heats are taking off throughout the afternoon, join us for a day of celebrating the Meck Mile presented by Albemarle. Cheer stations will be set up during the races. Music, DJs, games and food and drink vendors will be keeping the vibes high. Sponsor tents will be showcasing all the things we love about walking, jogging and running. Take part in all of these activities while also taking in the competition!

American Legion Memorial Stadium

American Legion Memorial Stadium, located in the heart of the Elizabeth neighborhood, provides the perfect location to host the Meck Mile presented by Albemarle. The stadium, which first opened in 1936, is named in honor of Mecklenburg County veterans who served in World War I.

The Meck Mile presented by Albemarle was created to remember the past while keeping an eye on the future, and we look forward to bringing you this event in a historic venue that will allow us to do just that.


More details to come

Course Map

Get ready to race around, in and through one of Charlotte’s most historic stadiums


How do I register?

To register for the Meck Mile presented by Albemarle visit our Race Roster site.

What are the categories for signups?

To create the best event category for everyone, we have created the following participant categories:

  • Recreational: You pick your pace and have an hour to walk, dance, run or stroll your way through the mile course.
  • Kids: We’re offering a “Kids Dash” for kids 5 and under and a half mile loop for children 11 and under. Kids can race for free thanks to Albemarle.
  • Competitive: For runners who can complete a sub-12-minute mile.
  • Elite: For competitive runners who can complete a mile in sub-5 minutes for men and sub-5:30 for women.
  • Pro: For some of the fastest runners on the planet. Contact Charlotte Sports Foundation ( if interested in competing in this division.

For more details, visit our Race Day page

How much is the race?

Each category of runner has a different price point. For the most up-to-date registration fees, visit our Race Roster page.

When can children under the age of 14 register?

Kids 13 and under can sign up now! Note: to participate kids must sign up prior to the event.

Do I need to submit proof of time while registering?

To run in the Competitive and Elite divisions, you will be asked your fastest or projected mile time. For the Pro division you will be required to submit a time in the past two years.

What are the requirements to run in the Pro Division?

To qualify for the Pro Division runners must meet the “A” standard below. Runners who meet the “B” standard will be placed on the waiting list and added to the Pro Division if there are spots available.

For more details contact

  • Men’s A – 4:05
  • Men’s B  – 4:15
  • Women’s A – 4:40
  • Women’s B – 4:50

Is there a minimum age to run?

The minimum age to run in the kids race is 2-years-old. Younger children (including strollers) are welcome to join their parents in the Recreational category!

Race Day

What is the race schedule?

Heat schedules will be sent out the week of the race. Tentatively plan on the following:

  • Recreational Heat – 1pm
  • Kids’ Rases – 2pm
  • Competitive Heats 3pm – 7pm
  • Elite Heats – 7pm-8pm
  • Pro Heats – 8pm

Is there a time limit?

Due to the course being two laps around Memorial Stadium, we will have strict time limits to finish your race. These details will be provided in your runner information email prior to the race.

Are pets allowed? Strollers?

Pets are not allowed in Memorial Stadium or on the race course. Strollers can be used during the Recreational division only, due to space.

How do the heats work?

To allow the safest, most competitive races, we are using heat style running for all races other than our Recreational division. Prior to the race, you will be assigned a specific heat and time with the goal of placing you with runners that are your same speed. For more details on our categories, visit the Race Day page.

What other activities are part of the event?

There will be a large finish line festival that will include live music, activations, food and beverages, a kids zone and more. For more details, visit our Race Day page.


What is the route?

Here is a link to the Course Map

Where is the race located?

The race is located at the American Legion Memorial Stadium near Uptown Charlotte.


Are there any awards?

More details to come!

Are there finisher medals?

We do not plan on having finisher medals for our 2024 event.

Will there be photography of the race?

Yes! We hope to have photography to share with all participants following the race.

Is there a cash prize?

There is a cash purse of $20,000 for the Pro field.

More details will be announced at a later date for the Elite field.

General Questions

Who is the Charlotte Sports Foundation?

The Charlotte Sports Foundation is a 501(c)(3) dedicated to positively impacting the economy and quality of life in the Charlotte region by developing unique, large-scale sports events and business opportunities. More details.

Can I volunteer?

Yes! If you are interested in volunteering, please fill out this form.

Are there sponsorship opportunities available?

Yes! If you are interested in sponsoring the race, please contact Will Lawson.

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